Monday, October 18, 2010

Alicia Gwizdala- Midterm

  2. Brett Favre Scandle Probe: Will Quarter Back be punished?
  3. This is a news site where anything that is big news going on around the world can be found here.
  4. This site is unique because it actually has alot of interesting articles that can effect us in todays world. Something that is a big story can be found on this website. If you would like to know what is going on in the world today, I would reccomend this website. Alot of the members that go on look at the daily articles to catch up on the world.
  5. is very effective because it helps keep us to date with articles nation-wide. We can go on there and see what is the top story for the day and learn about it in a click. It beats waiting around to watch the news to find out about it. This is a easy way to be kept up to date with out waiting around for commercials.

  2. Debate on politics and grant money.
  3. This is a site that is opened to the public. Anybody can sign up and create their own web blog page. It is great to go on and look around when you want to read topics on certain things. You can follow somebody if you like what they write about.
  4. This site is unique because it actually has alot of interesting articles. It has pretty much anything you are looking for on reading. You can search a topic and articles pop up that are in common with what you typed in. This website is great if you want to write articles for yourself and keep a diary as well. People can comment on your page even if they do not know you.
  5. can be effective depending on the topic. Some things can be found interesting and other topics not so much. It all depends on the person reading the article. One thing about this website is that if you want to complain about something- you are free to do so. It is your page and you can blog whatever you would like. This is a world wide page too.

  2. Alamaba Rapist Video/News story.
  3. YouTube is a website that anyone can post videos on here... some are serious and some are for laughter. A lot of the videos that are put up on here can cause a huge debate and become world wide known. Like this news story above. This was just about a Alabama Rapist in a small town in Alabama. The girl said some things that was being raped and her brother said some things on the news too. When they played this on the news someone saw it and recorded it because it was funny at how it was being said. Someone on you tube made it into a music video remix. This became nation wide and was talked about for a little bit.
  4. This site is popular and is pretty well-known. You can find a lot of interesting videos.
  5. can be effective depending on the video you are looking for. It is easy to find and you can look up almost anything. It is easy to spend hours on this website looking at other peoples videos.

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