Monday, October 25, 2010

Media Time Line

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  1. Discussion:

    We all agree that in today's world we go online to check our email & some of us check our phone daily.

    As a result we are always working from home, weekends, etc. Doing both at once.

    We are all infront of technology somehow during the morning, afternoon and evening.

    In the 1940's we decided we would sleep more. We would not stay up late watching tv or the news. Instead we would be reading, writing and theater. We would wake up when the sun comes up. Communication during this time frame was easier for people to not know the truth. You read the newspaper and listened to a segment on the radio that was on. You usually did not know of something until a few days later.
    You depended on the newspaper to find information out. You were limited back then on what you could know. You learned by reading.

    Today you can go online, newspaper, radio, phone, internet to find out any type of information you would like.