Monday, December 6, 2010

FINAL EXAM- Traffic Light cameras-NEGITIVE VIEW

I will be talking about Traffic Light Cameras and shine on the negative part of them.

I think that this is part of the post modernism because they are trying to advance technology and this is one more way to get money from the starving government.

It is not so much a problem in the smaller cities like Saginaw, MI. They have Traffic Light Cameras all over the United States and even the Country. You will see them driving through the bigger cities or booming states such as; Ohio, Georgia, Florida, California…etc. Driving down South 75 I see them a lot. I do not think that they are a good idea for a few reasons, 1) What if you are not driving the car, 2) They have no proof of what you did and 3) There is no way of explaining what you were doing.

The Traffic Light Camera is a system that takes pictures of people speeding or running through red lights. What they do is take a picture of your license plate and send a ticket to the person whose plate is registered in that vehicle. The camera does not warn you, does not give you footage or proof.

The negative side of this whole concept is that what if you receive a ticket in the mail for something you never did? A lot of people drive cars that are registered under another person’s name. For example what if your daughter borrowed your car and a few days later you received in the mail a ticket for something you never did? I personally do not think that is right.

Another reason why I think this is negative because they take pictures of your license plate but they have no proof if you really were speeding or if you ran that red light. It is just pictures of your plate. You could have sped through the yellow light and slowed down after you were through and the camera could have taken the back of your plate after. There is no way of showing what you truly did and no proof.

My last reason for having this be a negative thing is you cannot talk your way out of the ticket. What if your wife was in labor and you were speeding because you had to get to the hospital? What if you were rushing because of some emergency? What if your car was stolen? These situations have happened in the past to someone at some point in time.

I think the cameras on the Traffic lights are not good. I think that it can cause a lot more of a mess then to actually have a real cop there to talk to.
One last negative thing about traffic cameras is that it is taking jobs away from police officers cutting budgets and real peoples income. I think that they need to have more police out there to help protect us citizens. With the cut back on police and the addition to traffic cameras, it seems like more crime will be out there due to the numerous lay- offs.

This is my negative side of Traffic Light Cameras.

by: Alicia Gwizdala

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