Monday, November 29, 2010

Global Flow of Visual Culture

Cultural Imperialism - Fox Soccer Channel and Setanta Sports is allowing America to view a soccer event for the purpose of promoting interest in soccer in the United States which still does not have a professional soccer team. They want to interest sports promoters and investors in this country in the hope of opening a new market for this sport. Television viewed globally is primarily US programs that are dubbed. This is promoting American culture.

Global Niche Markets - A niche market appeals to a select group within a population. An example of this would be the Smart Phone. This phone provides technical services that not everyone would consider important or necessary when selecting a phone. Chanel is another example. The products which include jewelry, purses, shoes and cloths are distributed worldwide to a select group of customers who have the financial resources and interest in owning such expensive products.

Global Brands - Ford Motor Company is a global company that still remains family owned. The image is known worldwide and the small vehicles are very popular in the global market. Ford began making major investments overseas over fifteen years ago. Their global perspective was very innovative. They were the only one of the Big Three that did not require government assistance. BEEP! BEEP!

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