Monday, November 22, 2010

The Digital Body

The link above are examples of different magazines showing the before and after pictures of the models. It is amazing how photoshop has become a basic step in the process of advertising and publication. Nobody is aware of what the real body is anymore. Everything seems to become the digital touch.
The pictures in the link show you some of the things people touch up; face, cellulite, chest, blemishes, complexion and more.
In todays world it is almost impossible to print a picture before being Photoshopped.
Digital cameras these days have a program that can "touch up" your photo right away. You do not even have to be a professional anymore to use any of these programs.

Cultural expectations are creating a huge market for people to quickly fix and hide things rather then actually exercising and getting in shape. Example: AB Flex, shake weight, AB cruncher... They are creating easy fast fix to get in shape using images of those people to help promote the product. Most likely the person using that one item did more then just use that product.

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