Monday, November 8, 2010

PostModerism CH 8

"A master narrative is a framework that purports to explain society, if not the world, in comprehensive terms. Religion, science, Marxism, psychoanalysis, Enlightenment myths of progress, and other theories that each set out to explain all facets of life are master theories or master narratives."

We choose to focus on both Pro Life and Pro Choice because these are both important issues in Todays world. They cause a lot of controversy around the world. It's been discussed for years.

The billboard for Pro Life is a baby that was "born to ride". It states that after 28 days of conception the baby already has arms... it is powerful to the person that sees this because it is a reminder that after conception the baby already has body parts and a heart beating. This appeals to the sensitivity of motherhood that most women feel.

The advertisement for Pro Choice is powerful because only 23% of the anti abortion leaders in the world are women. 77% are men and they make the decision. It is our choice and we should be able to make it.
Women need to think for themselves because 100% of men out there will never have to make that type of decision. If they do not want to be involved then they do not have to be.

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